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  1. Graph issues on Lenovo Z580

    Any solution please?
  2. Graph issues on Lenovo Z580

    Hello there so i installed Yosemtie Zone 10.10.1 correctly and everything is fine from the first step, then i booted up my pc from hackintosh partition with clover , the apple logo appears and everything working fine from the first sight! but the problem started when i'm hearing myself when i talk from my pc speakers because of microphone, and then my laptop turn into black, so i can't see anything... after less than one minute, i hear a guy voice talking about apple time or something like... so you know what i mean, any advices to get my yosemite working fine? ps: i tried some boot flags like -s > grafix backup all : it show me something like -> no such directory or file error in each kext renaming -nv_disbale=1 -x -PCIRootUID=1 -GraphicsEnabler=Yes -cpus=1 my pc configuration: CPU: i5-3210M GPU: Intel HD 4000 nVidia Geforce 360m 2g RAM: 4go