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  1. [HELP] Update to 10.10.4

    Has anyone figured if we can update from the App Store with no additional hassle ??
  2. [HELP] Update to 10.10.4

    i was thinking the same, can i just update to 10.10.4 without any other steps or what ?
  3. my hackintosh/pc wont boot into the installer !!!

    I've used pretty much every boot flag combo and nothing ! I can not get past the read HFS+... Lines of text and I'm just about ready to give up, I've tried everything possible
  4. hi all , my hackintosh/pc wont boot into the installer, i am using a dvd of niresh's yosemite and it wont boot, it gives me lines of code for a while then reboots and after entering my boot flags it does the same , gives me lines of code then it reboots, i had an install of niresh's yosemite on here and then i was given an error saying something which i cant remember then media error, so then i cleared my Cmos then i still had that error if any body has a way to fix this i will be extremely happy here are my specs: Motherboard- gigabyte h61m-usb3v Cpu- intel core i3 3225 Graphics Card- Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 740 (2GB, DDR3, PCI Express 3.0 HDD- western digital caviar green 500gb Display- 20" apple cinema display (silver model)