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  1. How to select Fakesmc? because It panic while loading to install.
  2. Hi Aman. panic at" SMC: suc.." ????
  3. i useded boot flag amd -v or amd64 -v (amdfx not for my CPU). Still Error. "
  4. dear all. I install OSX-Mavericks (Niresh) on my PC, but it don't work. stop in "PCI configuration begin". I use boot flag: amd -v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 (or npci=0x3000), After that with each boot faild i add more boot flag with each restart -f, -x, or PCIRootUID=0 (or 1), KernelCache=No .But still do not work. My pc: main: 890GX Extreme3 CPU: amd x635 VGA: 4290HD (onboard) Ram: 6G HÄ: 1T Please help me? THanks