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  1. Problems at first start

    Thank you ! But how to install this kext because the system doesn;t finish the startup proces. it's blocked during startup with the error. and i don;t have HPET on bios ?? or have another name ????
  2. Hello ! I have installed Maverick. After the installation , the system restarted and at first start , goes to apple logo , and after same times , i get an error : Panic : No HPET is available . Cpu (s) configured incorrectly. What can i do ? My PC : Motherboard Asus P5W DH deluxe CPU Core 2 DUO E6750 RAM 3GB Graphics : Ati Radeon HD 2400 Pro Thank you !
  3. Create usb

    Hello I downloaded osx mavericks usb image.But this is a .dmg image.How can i restore this image to usb from windows ? thank you.