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  1. Hello. First off, I love the community you have here. I have wanted to fiddle with hackintoshes for a while, but haven't had the time. I have decided to try and get it working, but of course I have run into MANY issues. This is going to be sort of a blog / diary of my attempts and what I did to fix them. The purpose of this, is to get help with anything I cant fix; and anything I do fix, hopefully someone else finds a fix for their issue. My hardware: Motherboard: Asus H81M-E CPU: 4690K GPU: None - HD4600 integrated Keyboard: USB Mouse: USB Ram: 4GB (2X2GB) Kingston HyperX HDD: Samsung 1.5TB mechanical USB Stick for install: Lexar Jumpdrive 32GB USB2 For all of these attempts, I will be using Yosemite Zone 10.10 Current issue/s 19:43 Currently reinstalling with the GPU and NO boot flags 17:52 OS Kernel Panicked. 17:47 The install went fine, but the bootloader is only on the USB stick for now. Keeps hanging on IOBluetoothHCIController FIXED: Installed an old 8400 gts and used DVI, with boot flags -x -v -GraphicsEnabled=Yes Currently booted into OSX via safe mode. 17:08 It turns out it wasn't even booting to the disk. Trying to install with these flags "-v -x -IGPEnabler=Yes -no-zp -cpus=1" 16:59 First boot is taking a very long time. I suspect it has frozen. Will wait another 10 minutes. 16:56 12/12/2015 Install is failing on the last minute with a message similar to "OSX cannot be installed on this computer". FIXED. I added in my second stick of ram and ran with NO boot flags First 10 attempts I kept getting Essentials.pkg was corrupted. After looking at a lot of different BIOS settings from many different web pages, I found the cause was to do with CPU settings. (Check images for my current settings) Bios Settings: (Will add later)