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  1. Questions about bootloaders.

    Alright! got it working, I never checked out the customization options during the install and I thought Clover was running by default when it was really Chameleon. Last question, right now I have my Chameleon plist boot files to run the command "kernel=amd" every time I boot, is this necessary?
  2. Questions about bootloaders.

    Hey guys! Love the distro Niresh! works decent on my PC, this is my seconds install because I went and mocked up the boot loader last time trying to find something that works. PC Specs: AMD Phenom XII 555 Black Edition NVidia GeForce 9800GT 4GB Ram 1TB Hard-Drive (DVD drive unplugged because I was getting a "Waiting for root device..." message on installing and I needed to plug my HD into SATA1) Anyways, What boot loader does Niresh come bundled with? when booting up if I mash the Right or Left arrow keys it will come up with my partitions and ask me which I would like to boot to, so I'm assuming it came bundled with one. (It also says Niresh on the top) I have Windows and Mac on the same disk, in separate partitions, and I'm trying to get back into Windows now and have it setup for a dual-boot. Right now i'm about to boot up my windows disk and restore the boot manager that came with windows. I was reading a guide that said go in this order: Install windows 8.1 Install niresh 10.9 Install chameleon Fix windows boot manager Install EasyBCD I believe. anyways can I skip Chameleon and would the loader that came with the 10.9.0 Niresh distro work instead? I was trying to install Chameleon or rEFIt or Chimera and even Clover last night and every time I booted up It was still the default Niresh boot loader, well I completely messed everything up to the point it wouldn't boot without the USB drive and I don't want to make the same mistake again. Thanks guys.