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  1. Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

    Nope. Still can't get it working. I installed that kext that KhatPhat mentioned, but now my ethernet isn't even showing up at all and when I go into the network settings the window doesn't load and it freezes.
  2. Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

    I'm not really sure. My computer is a Gateway dx4380-ur308. I've been looking around, but I can barely find any information on it. I can't even find out what Audio to work either. If someone can find out this information I'd appreciate it. @mailmefren: I can't remember the exact name of it, but I believe it's called Realtek RTL8111. If you search for it on Google you should be able to find it.
  3. Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

    Yes I did and that didn't fix it, but I actually found out my computer uses realtek, not Atheros. I installed the realtek kext and that didn't do anything. Then I found a different realtek kext and that kind of fixed it. I say kind of because I still can't get internet, but it shows ethernet in the network settings now, but it keeps on connecting and disconnecting. Like it will connect for 1 second and then disconnect. It keeps doing this.
  4. Why can't I access the downloads section?

    Whenever I go to the downloads section to download something it shows those buttons saying you have to like or share through Facebook or G+ in order to access the locked download. Well whenever I hover over those boxes it just shows an empty box. There's nothing to click on. I tried registering, I used 3 different browsers, disabled adblock, and even connected my facebook account in my profile settings thinking that would fix it, but still no luck. Can you please help me and explain why I can't download anything? I checked the forums and did a search, but I couldn't find anything regarding this.
  5. Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

    After spending many days I was finally able to get Mavericks to work on my computer. As far as I can tell everything works fine except the internet. When I go into the network utility it says internal ethernet, but it shows that it's not working. Then I go into the network settings and try to make a new connection, but I can't select ethernet as an option. I looked up my driver information and it says my computer uses the Atheros driver, so I installed the Antheros kext on my computer via Multi Beast, but it won't work. I even tried installing different network kexts, but no matter what I do I can't get the internet to work. I've been working on this for many hours today and I just want the internet to work, so I can download Skype and a few other programs. Here are my computer specs if that helps. Gateway DX4380-UR308 AMD A8 5500 quad core processor AMD Radeon HD 7560D graphics 8 GB Memory I'd be EXTREMELY grateful to anyone who is able to help me fix this. I'm so close to getting OS X on my computer. If I can just fix this network issue I'll be set.