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  1. Dell Inspiron 15 Wifi Problems

    i reinstalled making sure i wasnt missing anythings the only option i had was to select network kext drivers which i did and it still didnt work.. plus the voodoo sound doesnt work either. and anyway to change the scree resolutions?
  2. I got everything to work except the wifi and eithernet. i even pluged in a usb wifi adapter with its drivers installed and it couldnt pick up the adapter as well my Audio doesnt work and i cant select the 1366x768 screen everythings in 1024x768. last but not list i have the mavericks installed on a partition running next to windows 8.1 and i use usb bootloader to boot into that mac.. my specs are Processor: Intel Core i5 4200U @ 1.60GHz Haswell ULT 22nm Technology Motherboard: Dell Inc. 03JPPR (U3E1) Graphics:Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics Family (Dell) Ram: 6 GBWifi : Dell Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio