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  1. Nothing is working I am trying to install Yos or Mave

    Where does the installation stops, the last thing that appears when you use -v?
  2. Mavericks Problems

    Hi, I need help with configuration : 1 -I cant use my RT5370 USB WiFi dongle, it appears on about my mac window but i cant use it ; 2 -The about my mac window say que my R9 280x has just 7 mb of memory 3- I have a bluetooth usb and it doesn't work , like wifi 4- I have a 1600MHz ram and it say que it's just 663 MHz Thanks. Ps.:Sorry about my english I Am Brazilian
  3. Mac Original HD

    Sorry if i'm in wrong place, but my question is: I have a original Mac HD with Yosemite and I wanna know if I can use it to boot osx on a PC. Thanks.