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  1. Blank Display Just installed Sierra Zone.Everything was okay.But after installation there are no desktop.Only Blank display.Please help.
  2. Yosmite Installed successfully,but no Ethernet

    I think its a graphics problem.because my HD4000 graphics driver is not installed yet.i cannot install hd4000 HDMI graphics with macpoison.My System is detected as MAC Mini Server.
  3. Yosmite Installed successfully,but no Ethernet

    Its Microsoft USB Mouse.Intel HD4000 also not installed.Probably this is the issue.I have tried MAC POISON. But Intel HD4000 is not installed.
  4. Yosmite Installed successfully,but no Ethernet

    Ethernet is working now.But the Mouse pointer is not smooth.its stuck.
  5. Just installed Yosmite 10.10 with MACPWN.After installation i got two issues.1. Mouse pointer is stucking.2.No Ethernet. Please help. My Configurations : Motherboard:Gigabyte B75M-D3H CPU: INTEL Core i3 3230 RAM: 2x 4GB Corsair XMS3 HDD: Samsung EVO 840 SSD DISPLAY: Dell S2240S