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  1. Works it with this Hardware??

    I have found the issue, i need to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, and it works like a charm. But now my Ethernet dont work in MacOsx, need to find the kext. Edit: Find a kext and it works!!!. anyway to say the bootloader that MacosX should start with GraphicsEnabler=NO??
  2. Works it with this Hardware??

    My Graphic Card is a GTX 660. See first post, the report.txt Edit: it stop at a white screen.
  3. Works it with this Hardware??

    ok i installed it, on my second HDD, installation was completed with no errors. I did the first boot with -v, ran without problems, and then only a white screen, the HDD has after -v made nothing. any solutions?? PS: sry for my bad English, im German
  4. Works it with this Hardware??

    ok i try it, hope it works.
  5. Works it with this Hardware??

    Hello, before i download and install niresh, i want to ask, will Niresh work with this hardware??. Report.txt