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  1. Ok i am back up, i used the appstore to update to 10.10.2, first boot it hanged with bouncing ball in login screen, so i decided to Start the system from harddrive installed yosemite not from image with -s flag for single user mode. Go to the /.OSinstallsandBoxpath/Scripts/Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.xZpcnD directoty and execute the ./postinstall script Exit after completed and wait for login screen and login This still didn't work as it was hanging again, i did two other reboots and then i could login, could not explain it but i am up and running
  2. I am trying it now, hopefully it will be ok, for sure you will need to run macpoison or mutlibeast etc again to install the drivers you need, the boot should be ok, that only changes during an upgrade like maverick to yosemite etc