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  1. Hi guys, Yosemite is working PRETTY WELL on my PC. I'm using Hackintosh to write this post. Graphics are fine, sound, ethernet, everything. Even my mic is working on Yosemite 10.10.1 The only problem I have is when I try to login on App Store, it says: STATUS_CODE_ERROR - As you can see on the print screen shared on the link below. http://cl.ly/image/071W2E1Z1f2i?_ga=1.20414392.1032206338.1426084961 I've already checked the ethernet interfaces like I have read on other posts, but this is not the cause. I've been using App Store on Niresh's 10.8.5 and 10.9 without problems, but on 10.10 I'm not so lucky. Thank you all I really need to login on App Store. @FelipeBHZ ____________________________________________________________ [SOLVED] This login problem was Apple's servers fault. App Store was "unavailable" today. So you can close this topic. Thanks
  2. Can I use Yosemite Zone on my laptop?

    I would say what I say to everyone who asks me about Hackintosh. Will it work? For me, the correct answer always is: Try it. This is the only way to check if your PC is compatible. @FelipeBHZ
  3. Have you tried to set bootflags: ncpi=0x2000 OR npci=0x3000 I read this on the installation guide from Hackintosh Zone. It says something like: If installation hangs at PCI Configuration Begin, try: npci=0x2000 OR npci=0x3000 If it hangs at DSMOS has arrived, try bootflag -s then type grafix on superuser console and press enter. username and pass if you can´t create account on first boot: root | niresh @FelipeBHZ