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  1. People, i've got the same problem, im trying to install 10.8.5; i've tried installing ussing USB and DVD, even downloading the dmg and iso files two or three times... I've checked the HDD, 'cause at the beginnig i was thinking into a problem with that... My specs: MOBO: GA z77-ds3h i5 3450 (integrated Intel graphics HD2500) NO GPU Can anybody help us?? Thanks in advance...
  2. im trying to make my first hackintosh with i5 3450 HD2500, GA h77z, but i've read that is not possible to use mavericks 10.9 (that i've downloaded from here) is it true? Im out of money to buy a decent Grapics card, so im trying with what i hvae now... sugestions??
  3. i have almost the same hardware, is it posible to make it work with 10.9.2? I mean... i got no money to buy a decent graphics card, so by the moment i want to do my first hackintosh with i5 3450 HD2500, But im not complety sure if would work with 10.9 or newer. Sugestions? Thnks