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  1. Hello All, I downloaded all the required files and attempted to install 10.9 on my previous windows PC, and I can not get pass the Mac set-up screen due to computer freeze. Here is my set-up: Intel i5-3450 Radeon 6000 series Gigabyte Z77 As far as I know all the components are compatible, and I have edited all the bio settings / followed all the steps carefully. I saw a similar thread with this problem yesterday, but his solution does not apply to my case (at least I think so). I have not tried booting up with any boot-flag since I am a total noob (no idea what they do ), so if you guys can help me adding some of those in and boot then that would be great. Any help is appreciated! ask me for more details and I am happy to provide them! Kev P.S. I think a screenshot is unnecessary because my computer is completed uncontrollable and it doesnt provide much information. Will be happy to snap one if needed