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  1. Clover start up delay

    Duh...figured it out. No one said that the EFI partition was hidden and had to be mounted.. a liitle bit of this mkdir /Volumes/EFI and a little bit of this sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI and VOILA!!! everything is all good now.
  2. Clover start up delay

    would it entail me having to reinstall my whole system? not really wanting to do that as it is working so well other that this one issue
  3. Clover start up delay

    Also when I have tried to install Clover Configuration, it says there is no EFI partition and asks if I want to mount one...what's up with that? I am in UEFI mode I believe as my bios showed that when I installed and I moved it to the top to boot from the UEFI first and it worked/works with the exception of this one bug that quite honestly I should be able to figure out.
  4. Clover start up delay

    and that is where I would have looked also, but I have no EFI folder...even with hidden files and folders shown.
  5. Clover start up delay

    I have tried to figure that site out, but I cannot for the life of me find where the configuration file is, nor why it would be set to 3000 seconds.
  6. Everything works perfectly on my 10.9.0 installation, with the exception of start up. If I turn my computer on and let it start by itself. I get the Clover boot menu and the default Mavericks installation is selected. If I do not touch anything there is a timer before it starts by itself. Timer is set to 3000 seconds which translates in to 50minutes. I can't imagine that someone would think of putting that in as default. How do I change this to something a little more reasonable?