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  1. HW compatible?

    Nothing to do; i Install maverick (it works, but whitout driver ex. screen resolution set 1024x768). Then i try to reinstall Yosemite 10.10.1 but during installation i got this error: Someone can help me? Please...
  2. HW compatible?

    I install Yosemite 10.10.1 but after the 1st reboot i got an error message: boot0ss: error How can i resolve it? I havent's a mac to make a unibeast pendrive..Please, help
  3. HW compatible?

    nobody can help me?
  4. HW compatible?

    Hi to all, i'm a new member of this forum, and i apologize for my bad english. I wanna try Hackintosh bud i don't know if my hw is compatible; actualy the pc it's made by this components: CPU: i5-4670k Mobo: AsRock z87 pro 4 Ram: Corsair vengeance 8 gb HD: WD caviar blue 1 TB VGA: Asus r9 280x direct cu II Intel ethernet connection l217-v Realtek High definition Audio Can i install Niresh Yosemite OS? I would also like to keep my W7 then i need to make a dual boot on a single hard disk, it's possible? How can i do it? Thanks a lot to everyone who can help me. I would also like I would also like