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  1. AMD Phenom x4 ii 955 - PCI Configuration begin

    This could be a kext problems? Please somebody! Im driving mad! Thank you!
  2. AMD Phenom x4 ii 955 - PCI Configuration begin

    I try with many bootflags too, with some bootflags stay in PCI congiuration begins, other go a few commands more and stuck too, then with /amd go to the logo of apple (red), and stay with the bar freezes. Do i have to add something to the boot.plist? Or is there any bootflags that i missing? I used the tipical: /amd -v -x /amd PCIRootID=0 /amd64 -v -x npci=0x2000 PCIRootID=1 /amd -v -x npci=0x2000 PCIRootID=1 /amd npci=0x2000 dart=0 UserKernelCache=No busratio=16.5 And many more combinations with that and more, can someone help? Thanks again.
  3. AMD Phenom x4 ii 955 - PCI Configuration begin

    Im trying with Yosemite and get far, i reach more than PCI Configuration begins, stuck then, somebody that know the exact bootflags to boot correctly?. Thanks.
  4. AMD Phenom x4 ii 955 - PCI Configuration begin

    Yosemite doesnt work, the only one that i can boot was mavericks, im watching this video, i wonder if someone can explain me what does at the first parte, before booting, if i can do that in windows. Sorry if my english is not very good, ask me if you don´t understand me. Thanks.
  5. AMD Phenom x4 ii 955 - PCI Configuration begin

    No i havent tried, i try a lot of things, im thinking to quit. I tried OSXMavericks, Snow_Leopard_10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard, snowleopard_10a432_userdvd (retail version). The problem is that doesnt boot, only with Mavericks boots but, it doesnt install, freezes at PCI configuration begin or Apple logo. I will try Yosemite, im real new at this, and its driving mad. I dont understand about the kexts that have to put inside de ISO or DMG. There´s a tutorial for Yosemite? Many thanks.
  6. Hello, i have this specs: AMD Phenom x4 ii 955 Black edition Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A88T-M/USB3 (AM3) Integrated graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4250 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 4,00 gb RAM I´m installing Mavericks - Niresh, when ir boots i type amd -v and stays at "PCI configuration begin", typing another bootflags i get to grey apple screen but freezes. I have to modify something of the .dmg file? or put some bootflag that i didn´t know? i used many flags, someones i used: - v -x npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No / Yes amd -v - F -f USBBusFix=Yes, and many more combinated too. I already do de BIOS changes.