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  1. Hi guys, I tried installing OS X 10.10.0 on my laptop Acer Aspire 5742ZG and while 10.9.0 worked perfectly fine (I'm a complete noob, I only first ever heard of osx86 on Friday, but thankfully I figured out how to get network - BCM57780 to work). However in Yosemite I have a problem with graphics - first i couldn't even boot into the system after install - the screen turned off after 'DSMOS has arrived', i solved this by booting with /s and then using grafix backup all. When I got the system to work, the resolution was 1024x768 and animations were incredibly laggy. Is there a way to fix this? I tried installing Nvidia web drivers and nothing happened, also tried extracting GPU rom, putting it into /Extra and booting with UseNvidiaROM=Yes, didn't do the trick either (I boot using chimera). I also tried various other boot parameters I found, but nothing changed at all. My configuration: Nvidia Geforce GT 420M 1024 MB Intel Pentium Dual Core P6200 2.13 GHz 4 GB RAM Yosemite Zone Mac OS X 10.10.0 (Chimera bootloader)