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  1. Sierra Zone Instant Reboot

    Kernel=kernel.amd EthernetBuiltIn=Yes UseKernelCache=No -v -f npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=1 dart=0 ahcidisk=1 debug=8 USBBusFix=Yes USBLegacyOff=No "Graphics Mode"="1600x900x32" I've basically used the same boot arguments for Mavericks to El Capitan, and with a usb I manually made, I was able to boot with these arguments
  2. Sierra Zone Instant Reboot

    I've changed my BIOS Settings, but it didn't change anything. Still reboots after ACPI Patcher in Enoch.
  3. Sierra Zone Instant Reboot

    Sierra Zone Instant Reboot No matter the boot flags, Sierra Zone will reboot after trying to load kexts in Enoch. I've installed Sierra before on this machine by manually creating an install USB as instructed from, but was too buggy to work with because I was too lazy to fix it. I did use the exact Enoch configuration, but on Sierra Zone, all I get is an instant reboot. I did also try to use the kernel I originally used, but that didn't do anything. System: AMD FX-4130 Gigabyte GA-LMT78-USB3 rev. 5.0 Power Color Red Devil RX 480 8GB
  4. So, I have a computer I am able to install Yosemite Zone on, and is also capable of running Windows 8.1. The computer is EFI capable. I've read articles on how to dual boot on a single drive, and here is the process i've followed: 1.) Partition hard drive w/ Yosemite Zone installer 2.) Reboot and install Windows 8.1 Pro on GPT disk in EFI mode 3.) (Setup Windows) Reboot into Yosemite Zone installer and install Yosemite w/ Clover EFI bootloader 4.) (Setup OS X) Reboot into Windows Installer to fix bootloader 5.) Enjoy Hackintosh! My troubles start on step 4, installing OS X breaks the Windows Bootloader (OS X will boot fine and I can use it) and I get This: File: \Boot\BCD Error: 0x0000000e So, I try to fix said bootloader with my installer using "BCDboot" with no avail. I've completely reinstalled windows just to use my computer, and would greatly appreciate any help to try and get this working. My PC currently only has 1 Drive, with Windows installed on it with room for OS X. And no, I won't be able to secure another drive. These are the guides I've been following: Response #7
  5. Install Yosemite on AMD

    When booting from Yosemite Zone USB, it'll boot into something that says "(0,1) Yosemite Zone" and it'll have a place for you to type. You'll have to play with the boot flags, but boot with : AMD Users : /amd : /amd1 : /amd2 : /amd64 : /amd32 (it is actually a 64 bit kernel) : /amdfx (can also boot non FX Processors) booting with one of these will boot with an AMD Kernel (and if i'm not mistaken "/amdfx" is no longer an option). You'll have to try each one individually to see if it works with your processor. But let the following be a warning: Hackintosh on AMD is Hard! This is also a great guide to follow: How to Install Niresh Yosemite (Yosemite Zone) on Your PC