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  1. Nvidia Geforce GT 640.

    Apologies for so many questions. But you say native kexts. Which ones would those be?
  2. Nvidia Geforce GT 640.

    Ok should I stick to niresh, use chameleon or what?
  3. Nvidia Geforce GT 640.

    Ok thank you and on a random note since I'm new to all this. Using niresh, chameleon, ect. Is using those better or using vmfirmware and emulating the mac?
  4. Nvidia Geforce GT 640.

    Installed the newest driver for it yet I'm still getting like screen tears and stuff. I've downloaded the NVEabler, graphics thing is set to no, I've tried everything and still getting tearing/random lines going through the screen. Occasional flickering as well. I probably need a kext for it but I haven't been able to find one, please help and yes I am new to all this. First time I've done hackintosh. I also for the latest CUDA driver for Nvidia as well.