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    It should be possible with the amd kernel, try either the Niresh distro or use the default Mac OS X dmg and load unibeast and multibeast on the bootable flash. You will need to set your npci to either =0x200 or 0x3000. The Radeon drivers (kexts) will typically be installed afterwards. You also NEED to install a FakeSMC, it comes with Yosemite Zone, but there are some included with Multibeast, Chimera and Clover. You also need a bootloader I typically prefer using Chimera over the others, Clover is very complex and Chimera is a newer fork of Chameleon.
  2. Hello guys. I need some help. My system specs are : Asrock 970 Pro 3 rev2.0 AMD Phenom II x6 1055T AMD Radeon HD6770 8GB DDR 3 1600 Niresh Yosemite Zone 10.10 I'm having trouble enable proper QE CI on the Mac. I followed the Radeon 6770 full QE_CI thread and Mac OS X detecs the card (as AMD 5000 Radeon) and gets the memory right (it's 1024mb), but outside of Safe Mode, it just boots to a grey screen. When I boot into safe mode, I can get full memory and 1080p resolution, but before booting it goes grey, then black and then loads. Not on safe mode, it just stays grey with a spinning beachball. I checked my loaded kexts and it loads AMD5000Controller, AMDSupport and AMDFramebuffer (all are version 1.2.8), but it doesn't load the AMDRadeonX3000 kext. While everything loads, the problem is certain apps need OpenGL QE_CI like Skype, and Sketch and so on. The only modication I did was modify the AMD5000Controller and AMDRadeonX3000 kexts, I added "0x68BA1002" to them (my card's address". It works great with the AMD5000Controller, but doesn't want to load the Radeonx3000 kext. It also gives me at boot GPU Virtualization Disabled (No Multisplace, No DMA Page update). What should I be doing. I can supply more info if you need it.