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  1. I finally have a working copy (few weeks now) of 10.9 Niresh (Combo update to 10.9.5). I would like to install Yosemite, and was wondering if I could simply update through the app store, or maybe update with the Niresh Yosemite image without messing up my Video drivers (because they were a ridiculous pain to install) or anything else? Or am I completely wrong? What's the best way to safely update! I am new to this as you can tell, but I am computer literate and have basic understanding of all of this. I do have a running system after all, albeit Niresh made that pretty easy! Build: AMD FX 8350 AsRock Extreme 9 990fx Radeon HD 7950 x2 Mac OS is installed on a separate Hard Drive than windows. I currently am using Chameleon to choose my windows disk or Mac OS disk on boot