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  1. This is my first post on this forum, so Please if I cross any lines, do let me know. Firstly, my PC's Configuration : CPU : AMD FX-8350 @ Stock 4.00 GHz. Motherboard : ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty Killer RAM : G.skill 1600MHz DDR3 8GB(4x2 Dual Channel) Graphics Card : Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual-X So I tried to install Hackintosh Yosemite-Zone into the Virtual box and all I can see is a black screen. My mouse gets captured, but I don't think anything more than that is going on. I tried to take a screenshot of it from VBox but I got just the black screen instead of the whole screen. I tried the PrtScr button also which just leaves my with the VBox main window's screenshot. I'm including my VBox's main window Screenshot so that you can take a look at the settings for the Yosemite-Zone as well as my computers properties window. If any other Screenshot or detail is required I'm happy to provide. Just let me know. Thank you in advance. Apparently, I couldn't post this successfully with the screenshots embedded in the post, so I just provided the links here. I used as suggested while writing this post. Edit : Update: I was trying to enter the "amd" "amd64" and the "amdfx" bootflags into my virtual machine even without being able to see anything. When I entered the AMDFX bootflag, the screen resolution changed and I let it be for a minute or two. Then something called as Guru meditation came up. I ignored it, but nothing happens, I saw the main window and it says that my virtual machine is in guru meditation mode. This helps? Edit : Update 2 : My bad that I hadn't unchecked the EFI option in the settings. I did so and arrived to a screen where I had to press enter. Step 4 in this TUTORIAL. I pressed enter and in about 15 seconds the Guru Meditation thing pops up again. This happens everytime.