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  1. HP Envy Ultrabook 4-1030us

    Sleep/Wake and Restart work aswell with no issues.
  2. Did you try botting with the usb mouse and keyboard plugged in already or did you plug them in afterwards. i was able to plug it in then boot the computer it worked, although my trackpa worked out of the box but like crap
  3. So I haven't really found much support out there on this laptop (Hp Envy 4 1030-us). Not only until recently have I ever been able to successfully get this laptop to run OSX I have tried in previous versions of OSX to get up and running and was never successful. Hardware: i5 3317u 16gb ram 1600mhz Intel D 4000 120gb ssd 32gb ssd mSATA I have replaced my ram with 2x8gb sticks and also have replaced the original 500gb hdd with a 120gb ssd. On the 120gb ssd I have windows 8.1 installed. On the 32gb ssd I have OSX 10.9 Installed. Though I am not able to boot via the 32gb mSATA ssd because it does not show up in the bios I am simply using it for now as a test area and using Chameleon on a USB to boot. Out of the box on Niresh 10.9 I am able to boot into the install menu by simply using /hp as directed by Niresh for HP laptops. In the install menu I use disk utility to format into OS Extended (Journaled) and then press continue to continue with the installation. When you get to the point where you can select the drive you would like to use to install Mavericks on click the customize button. uncheck GraphicsEnabler And check the two boxes below that. Also find where the smbios is and click MacBook Pro 6,1 Do not click the battery percentage on the laptop will throw a kp (dont know why yet). Go ahead and install. Upon reboot, boot normal. Takes a second to get you to the menu to setup your acct. and etc. From this point there are a few issues i have noticed: Ethernet does not work, but RealtekR1000SL.kext will work. Install that and reboot. ​ Graphics show as just 64mb shared not HD4000. The fix is simple. Open Chameleon Wizard Check GraphicsEnabler=Yes, Check the Intel Capri and add 3. Save and Reboot. Your Graphics will now show as HD4000 with 64mb vram Wish we could adjust the vram and add more, any suggestions I am open. Safari acts flickery, but Chrome does not Which i prefer anyways. Dont know how to see if the HD4000 is truly working or not. any ideas? The track pad works but works like crap. I haven't really messed with changing anything yet. Done a few things unsuccessfully but I almost always use a wireless moue since it is easier on my hands. This does need to get fixed. Volume works alright but there is absolutely no way of adjusting it that i can find yet. I did have the device ID and will post it as soon as i can find it once again. It is stuck at 100% which is better than nothing but needs fixing. WiFi will obviously not work on this laptop due to it being an intel card. i will be looking for one that hopefully has bluetooth built in to it aswell. it is not necessary but would like to have bluetooth without a usb dongle. This is as far as I have got. Have not been able o test other stuff with this laptop like hdmi or a few other things but will get around to that. My main focus was getting this upgraded now to 10.9.3 I have not had success. After updating I have tried multiple ways to boot. Replacing my S/L/E folder, Replacing MAch_kernel and its backup, Replacing the Extra Folder, and even copied the hp file from the Niresh USB (which did help my get past the uptime in nanoseconds but stalled me at still waiting on dsmos. I have tried multiple things with no success Help is much appreciated. Yes i know i have been using the usb to boot into my 32gb ssd for osx. as soon as i am able tog et osx running stable with at least 90% of everything working I will swap and put windows 8.1 on the msata ( which i am going to upgrade to a 120 at least) and OSX on the main ssd . Even though the bios wont let me boot into the msata, chameleon or clover will. which gives me dual boot on dual drives. Or i was also thinking about getting a 300+gb ssd and using the msata pci-e port for a bluetooth card, but not sure if that is possibe.