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  1. okay fixed this by setting the chimera bootloader in the multibeast
  2. I bought toshiba C55-A5384 and first installed Niresh 10.9 distro on the entire hard drive after jumping a few hoops. Today I decided to clean the drive and create two partition to install windows and niresh 10.9. First I installed Windows and it worked just fine, then I installed Niresh and after booting from the usb I used the time machine to restore the mac. Then when I tried to reboot the machine, windows failed to boot with a message like operating system not found. I then went to windows repair > command prompt > used diskpart to make the windows partition active and reboot also I ran bcdboot to copy the boot sector (I believe) Next time it just booted to windows. Then again I went to windows repair > command prompt and used disk part to make mavericks partition active and reboot. Now the machine hanged, So I booted again with niresh 10.9 usb and I could boot correctly to each partition. so I downloaded boot1h and used dd command to copy it into the /dev/disk?s? (this worked previously when I had only mac partition on my machine). Again I tried booting from the hard drive and again it hung with a cursor blinking at the top. So, I can boot windows directly by making the windows partition A as active partition but without the usb I cannot boot to the mac partition. Any ideas? Thanks in advance jojobar
  3. Yes it happened when I enabled the disabler kext in customize, before that every time it completed the installation (tried numerous times with different settings) and every time it completed but failed in the boot (like I mentioned above). Maybe there is a secret sauce somewhere
  4. Yes I tried both the flags and also PCIRootUID=0 Thanks jojobar
  5. Hi! I am a first timer with hackintosh so please be patient. Thank you for your monumental effort to keep this going! I tried to install maverick on my new toshiba satellite a55-5384 laptop (i3 with 4GB RAM). Other forums said that this laptop is compatible. I created the usb drive and could install the maverick, but after installation it would not boot. So I made GraphicsEnabler=No during boot and it gave HPET not available panic. I looked into boot seetings of the laptop there is no HPET settings. So once again I tried to install and this time I clicked on customize button and I enabled the disabler kext and unchecked the HPET kext. It went to install but it never came out. Any ideas? Thanks jojobar