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  1. Please disregard other thread. I totally missed the clover options when trying last night. That may have caused the monitor issues. Using Yosemite zone iso I have USB stick in now and am at main screen. Do I need to adjust anything under settungs such as pci CPU graphics etc System specs i3770k Z77d3h mb 16 GB ram Gtx 660 Any assistance is appreciated
  2. Here is my issue: I don’t have access to a Mac or Hackintosh so I used the Yosemite Zone ISO I used Transmac and installed it on a thumb drive I unplugged the other hard drives on my computer and installed an old 250 GB Seagate to experiment with. Drive is fine. Plugged in thumb drive. Got the Yosemite Zone to install on hard drive. At the very end it gave me an error (0) so I thought it didn’t take, but then I read online where sometimes that is a false positive and it is installed. Took thumb drive out of system and restarted it. Got it to boot screen. Showed I had 16 GB ram and then I clicked the box in the middle to finish the installation. I get to the “Hackintosh Zone” status bar and it gets about halfway across when suddenly screen goes dark and monitors shut off due to automatic power conservation. Tried it again a few times. Get same error. Seems like everything is going fine, then everything goes dark. I even plugged monitor into video port on motherboard thinking it was the graphics card, but same thing still happened Any idea what could be causing this? Maybe something in Bios? System specs GB Z77x-D3h MB 16 GB Ram GTX 660 I7-3770K 250 GB Seagate Hard Drive