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  1. I've got a hackintosh wich was been working for a year, but know it seams to have a motherboard problem and I've to replace it and I don't know if continue with Gigabyte or change to Asus. I've read that this last years gigabyte motherboars hasn't gone very well because they break in months. So shoud I change to Asus motherboard? If yes wich one, need LGA 1155 socket and mATX format? My components: Motherboard: GA-B75M-D3P (broken) CPU: i5-3350P (LGA 1155 socket) GPU: Asus GT610 Case: Fractal Desing Core 1000 (mATX) HD1: WD 1TB (Windows and data) HD2: Maxtor 160GB (osX-Niresh-Mavericks)
  2. I've finally maneged to get a successful install without any boot flags, I really don't know how I've mede it but i think it was a problem selecting the boot media. Thank you for all you tried to help me.
  3. I've tried what "The Mk" said and the results are the same. I managed to install mavericks on a usb and its full working (a little lagy because it isn't the best way to have a installed). I think that is something that makes to not recognize the hard drive. I know that is possible with this motherboard (GA-B75M-D3P) because here there are some succesfulf links with unibeast: So I think that is probably that there are some boot flags missing.
  4. I think that yes, but in case I'm attaching you a google drive link where I've uploaded photos of all my bios settings. There is aswell 2 photos about disk utility, one with only the hd conected (only see installation usb) and a other with an extre usb that I've pluged in for try if setects the usb. Bios photos on google drive here.
  5. Yes I did set to AHCI, at least with the 1st the original WD hard drive. I followed this guid on macbreaker:
  6. I was trying to install osx 10.9.0 to my hackingtosh and when I go to disk utility it only show my usb. I've tryed to created a hfs+ partition with ubuntu but are the same results. Edit 4/3/14: In my WD I've a data partition, a ubuntu partition (where osx will go) and I got a other data partition. I've try with two different hd and result is the same, and in one of them I installed the iAtkos ML (now is empty this hd) PC components: Motherboard -> Gigabyte: GA-B75M-DP3 CPU -> intel core i5-3350P @ 3.10 GHz x 4 Grafics -> Nvidia: GT610 x 1GB Hard Drive ->1x 1TB WD Blue (WD10EZEX) Ram -> 8GB Kingston Hyper Red I'm wating for a solution soon!!! Sorry for my spelling