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  1. I've got a hackintosh wich was been working for a year, but know it seams to have a motherboard problem and I've to replace it and I don't know if continue with Gigabyte or change to Asus. I've read that this last years gigabyte motherboars hasn't gone very well because they break in months. So shoud I change to Asus motherboard? If yes wich one, need LGA 1155 socket and mATX format? My components: Motherboard: GA-B75M-D3P (broken) CPU: i5-3350P (LGA 1155 socket) GPU: Asus GT610 Case: Fractal Desing Core 1000 (mATX) HD1: WD 1TB (Windows and data) HD2: Maxtor 160GB (osX-Niresh-Mavericks)
  2. No hard drive show up at 10.9.0 installation

    I've finally maneged to get a successful install without any boot flags, I really don't know how I've mede it but i think it was a problem selecting the boot media. Thank you for all you tried to help me.
  3. No hard drive show up at 10.9.0 installation

    I've tried what "The Mk" said and the results are the same. I managed to install mavericks on a usb and its full working (a little lagy because it isn't the best way to have a installed). I think that is something that makes to not recognize the hard drive. I know that is possible with this motherboard (GA-B75M-D3P) because here there are some succesfulf links with unibeast: So I think that is probably that there are some boot flags missing.
  4. No hard drive show up at 10.9.0 installation

    I think that yes, but in case I'm attaching you a google drive link where I've uploaded photos of all my bios settings. There is aswell 2 photos about disk utility, one with only the hd conected (only see installation usb) and a other with an extre usb that I've pluged in for try if setects the usb. Bios photos on google drive here.
  5. No hard drive show up at 10.9.0 installation

    Yes I did set to AHCI, at least with the 1st the original WD hard drive. I followed this guid on macbreaker:
  6. I was trying to install osx 10.9.0 to my hackingtosh and when I go to disk utility it only show my usb. I've tryed to created a hfs+ partition with ubuntu but are the same results. Edit 4/3/14: In my WD I've a data partition, a ubuntu partition (where osx will go) and I got a other data partition. I've try with two different hd and result is the same, and in one of them I installed the iAtkos ML (now is empty this hd) PC components: Motherboard -> Gigabyte: GA-B75M-DP3 CPU -> intel core i5-3350P @ 3.10 GHz x 4 Grafics -> Nvidia: GT610 x 1GB Hard Drive ->1x 1TB WD Blue (WD10EZEX) Ram -> 8GB Kingston Hyper Red I'm wating for a solution soon!!! Sorry for my spelling