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  1. The options in the disk utility is greyed out and unavailable to me. I also have another problem, when ever I log into Mac OSX and then back into Windows, my clock is set to the incorrect time.
  2. I've solved the issue. I reinstalled the .dmg to the jump drive and wiped the partition and reinstalled the OS. I made sure to install the ACPI kext and made sure that the PCIRootGUI kext was installed that made it turn on. The only problems I now have is that Mac OS X isn't reading it's partition correctly, saying there's only 4 gbs left when there should be sixteen gigs available. I also can't get my wifi working yet and I can't seem to get my backlight for my keyboard working and I can't find anyway to turn off my trackpad.
  3. I'm trying to resize my OSX Mavericks install partition size, but Disk Utility from within Mac OS X won't let me, and none of the partition programs I have for windows recognizes the HFS+ partition so I can't resize it with them.Suggestions would be appreciated. LR
  4. That's what I get when I use -v
  5. I'm encountering a problem after install, the debugger reports "panic" not sure how to fix. Please help.I'm trying to run this on a G74SX-TH71 with the i7-2670qm and the Geforce GTX 560m 16 gb ram, 120 gb ssd. See attached image.
  6. The Niresh files when I click on Download, are missing. I get a 403 error.