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  1. Thanks!!! Fixed it for me when I upgraded VBox 4.3.26 to 4.3.30 and Yosemite threw me the bt controller error. Reduced video ram from 64MB to 9MB and all is well. Jacked it back up to 16MB and it is still ok, but 32 MB throws the error again.
  2. A few days ago I posted that I had success changing cpu from 2 -> 1. This proved out to be incorrect. After days of reading many posts at many sites I found good results, not sure if it will prove true over time. My system is Intel Ivy Bridge i7-3770 core (many posts here are AMD specific) and using ATI Radeon 7570 video rather than built in video. Running in VirtualBox v4.3.12. Booting -v showed me that I was having a problem with Bluetooth Controller Transport and that pointed (counter intuitively) to graphic .kext issues. Booted -s -v and at commandline ran grafix to move graphics .kext to a backup directory. So far this has reduced my hangs but still happens sometimes. The Radeon could be making all this difficult. Also am using hdmi interface between computer and screen and I've read that this may also cause problems. Trying 2 cpu's reduced my video response, I find 1 cpu better. In Chameleon I changed chipset in smbios tab to try to find a better matching cpu. Still experimenting. Now have a problem with attaching usb drive. Locks the system. Currently researching possible solutions, including using Chameleon to apply various usb fixes. Using -v to boot and then googling for the problem areas has helped to narrow my troubleshooting. FWIW...
  3. Success.... finally. I changed VirtualMachineName.vdi key for cpuidleaf to settings mentioned by several people at I don't know if that helped or not but it didn't work. The VM still has those modified settings. What did it for me was I changed VM from 2 cpu's to 1 cpu. This allowed me to boot without using safe mode. Haven't figured out sound yet, and I never figured out sound for my Mountain Lion VM either so I guess I'll live without it. The Mountain Lion VM runs fine on 2 cpu's but Yosemite needs to be 1 on my 8 core Intel Sandy Bridge.
  4. I have the same results as Joel. I can get niresh's 10.10.1 to come up only in safe mode. Configured virtualbox v4.3.12 running under linux w/ 2cpu's, 4gb ram. cpu i7-3770, graphics Radeon HD 7500 series. Tried some suggestions in Guide - Most Common Problems with Hackintosh's with no luck. Mountain Lion works fine on my machine.