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  1. Nvidia Geforce G210M Kext

    Hey guys how do i get the above called graphics card to work with yosemite-zone? which kext i need?
  2. Hey Guys i wanted to build a Hackintos from my Laptop but i couldn't get it to work, btw this is my first try building a hackintosh and i really would like to use osx on this laptop. Here are my specs: I tried to install Yosemite-Zone with nvidia graphics drivers selected and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement So far so good, but then i couldn't boot into it without safe mode (-x) Then i tried -v but i hadn't figured out, after that i played with chameleon and some kexts and destroyed my system, and now im back to windows. If someone has the same Laptop with hackintos, or some pro in the hackintos szene could help me building it with the best drivers and stuff it would be awesome! thanks