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  1. Boot Issues

    My BIOS settings...
  2. Stopping at weird animation screen

    That is the screen that come sup when setting up a Mac. It's asking to connect a keyboard and mouse. Does it not progress from this naturally if you leave it? Have you tried pressing mouse buttons / keyboard keys?
  3. Boot Issues

    I am trying to boot Niresh's Hackintosh on my Samsung R540 Laptop. From what I can see the specs are; Intel Core i3-3560M Processor Intel HD Graphics I have managed to install Hackintosh.Zone by enabling UEFI mode in BIOS and selecting only Drivers and Graphics options in the Customise menu of the installation screen. However, now I am unable to boot. I get a screen with lots of white text which ends up with 'Waiting For Boot Device' 90% of the time. I have tried several boot flags and variations of BIOS settings but still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks