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  1. Problem Notebook HP

    Try with USBBusFix=Yes
  2. Battery BST Failed

    I have installed ML 10.8.2 and everything is fine. But when booting time it will stuck one stage.I got this error msg: AppleSmartBatteryManager:getBatteryBST(0xE00002BC) failed What to do?
  3. Boot 0:error

    I have tried to install bootloader both with Multibeast or Slytherin. Installed successfully but still showing boot0:error. What to do? Help.
  4. Boot 0:error

    I booted from DVD and took screenshot from phone. Still my usb drive is not bootable. When i try to boot from usb drive. I got this error. Please help me out.
  5. Boot 0:error

    I have successfully installed Niresh 10.8.2. But I got boot0: error when it boot. I have tried lot of things unfortunately result is not in my favor. I made Niresh 10.8.2 bootable usb also but it did not work. I have attached some pics. Hope it will help u to sort out problem. Thanks in advance.
  6. Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

    @Enigmatic Affliction I have also same problem. I have tried a Niresh all internet solution but i didnot fix it up. Which kext u have tried? Can i have a link? Thank you in advance.
  7. No Ethernet

    I have successfully installed Maverick 10.9 on my laptop (HP g62) with virtualbox 4.3. Everything goes smoothly but internet is not working ;(. I have tried NAT, Bridge mode and others methods but still not working. I have checked in system configuration panel there is not option for ethernet. Can anybody help me out. Thank you in advance.

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