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  1. Updates 10.9 Mavericks To 10.9.1 No Issues

    I went ahead and did that, it went through and showed all the lines and at the end it still went to the silver screen with the apple logo and wheel and got stuck it never stopped were code was listened. I rolled back to 10.9.0.
  2. Updates 10.9 Mavericks To 10.9.1 No Issues

    So i went ahead downloaded the update and then installed my kext via the utility and then restarted without actually installing the update. The graphics worked so i went ahead restarted again and installed the update. I ran into the same issue, it boots and loads and then gets stuck at the apple logo screen with the wheel spinning. I rebooted and loaded the drive and selected the utility's list but when i do this it goes to a silver screen and sits. Any advice on how to patch the graphics kext in would helpful thanks.
  3. Updates 10.9 Mavericks To 10.9.1 No Issues

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask as i know when that happens it gets confusing for people, but i do have a question. I was able to install mavericks 10.9 fine using the customization tool to make sure all was installed but when i tried to go to 10.9.1 it downloaded updated but when it restarted it got stuck at the silver screen with the apple logo and the spinning wheel. I had this issue at the bringing until i used the more widely supported intel graphics card kext in the install. My question is how do i install that back once i get mavericks update installed? or am i doing the update wrong? I am new at this so sorry for the long message. Machine specs Dell Inspiron N5040 Intel i3 @ 2.53 4gb Ram Intel HD Graphics 3000 Thanks in advance