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  1. Same problem with me . I found to editing the boot loader during setup and I reinstalled the OS it got it working fine..... option 2 Try to edit boot loader using Linux edit the boot loader and the problem can be fixed . Am trying on creating a script to fix this problem
  2. Help me with this Error Code Intel 2600k Cosair 1600 ram SSD 120 Asus p8z68-v-pro GTX 650 TI
  3. Can't get to installer...

    My Procesor 2600k Asus p8z68-v-pro /gen 3 8Gb 1600 mhz cosair 120 GB SSD kingst am not able to get anything on the screen. Used 16Gb flash drive -> formated Fat32 -> used Win32 disk imager -> image source osx.dng -> Selected the usb on source -> clicked on write -> rebooted -> enter into BIOS -> changed Boot device /64bit mode / AHCI / ->save bios reboot now the screen is blinking with 1 dot noting else is booting what is gone wrong ? Help me plz