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  1. Issue with bootloader:

    Issue with bootloader: Hello: I used to have an El Capitan Hackintosh working perfectly fine, I had Clover installed in a USB which which I booted, yesterday by mistaked I formatted that USB, so now I can´t boot the Hackintosh. I´ve tried installing Clover on the USB with BootUtility from my Windows laptop but it doesnt work, because when I try to boot, it just reboots or if I try verbose I get: "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++". I need some ideas, I can´t loose all the files I´ve got on my hackitnosh. Regards and thank you very much in advance!!
  2. OS X 10.10.3 on Haswell PC

    Do someone got patched kernel of OS X 10.10.4?? Thx in advance
  3. OS X 10.10.3 on Haswell PC

    I am trying to update it with "OS X 10.10.3 updater" but I can´t because once it downloads the file, at the middle of the installation it gives me an error and it breaks my OS X Installation, because if I reboot it gives me instant reboot, and if I don´t the Mac crashes. Please help me I need OS X 10.10.3!!
  4. OS X 10.10.3 on Haswell PC

    Thanks for answering. How can I do that?? Regards!!
  5. OS X 10.10.3 on Haswell PC

    Please, help me I need a solution!! Thx in advanced!
  6. Hi! I installed niresh OS X 10.10.1 without any problem on my haswell pc using /haswell flag. But I updated to OS X 10.10.3 and I can not start my Mac since I've got an I7-4770K. I tried to copy your haswell patch to my kernels folder using the installer's terminal, but I couldn't because I didn't find the "cp -f" code to copy it from my USB Installer to the Kernels folder. I hope someone will help me. Specs: -I7-4770K -MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX -MSI GTX760 2GB DDR5 -8GB RAM DDR3 -OS X Installed on a Samsung 120GB SSD. Regards!!