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  1. Hi guys. I have a question: can I install Mavericks on a HP 530 notebook? I already did it on my PC and I want to try on this notebook too. I did try to use the USB stick, but I can't get past the bootloader list (hitting Enter on the Mavericks entry just returns me to the list almost instantly, no matter what flags I try). I think I've seen some message about a magic number (it's very fast, I can't see the full message...). Thanks
  2. Can't get to installer...

    After a lot of hours trying to get everything fixed, I'm happy to report that right now everything works fine. I reinstalled Niresh, this time I selected the USB fix in the Customise menu at installation and now OSX boots without any flags. Also, there's no sound issue anymore.
  3. Can't get to installer...

    Ok, I'm down to one issue only. I can't boot without adding USBBusFix=Yes -v flags. So I tried to use Chamelon Wizard and checked the USBBusFix options, then saved the file. However, after loading everything and when the user login should appear, the monitor get into power saving and that's it. If I uncheck that option and do it manually at boot, the damn thing works fine. What can I do about this?? Also, there's one other minor issue. The sound stutters if I'm doing something else while the music is playing. For example, if I have a youtube video playing and open some other page in the browser, I get stuttering. Any fix for this?
  4. Can't get to installer...

    OK, I finally managed to get to the installation window using GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes -v. The installation went on smoothly, also the post-installation thing (niresh optimisation & stuff). I only have a few issues now: 1. No Audio device detected. My sound card is an onboard Azalia sound card (VT1708B High Definition 8 -Channel CODEC) Worked with the latest VoodooHDA. 2. I can boot in OSX only via the USB stick and still using USBBusFix=Yes. If I try to boot from the HDD directly, I get the grey screen with the apple logo and that's it, no spinning wheel or disk activity. Installed bootloader and added the USBBusFix flag to the options. 3. How can I have a bootloader that shows all the installed OSes? Like the USB stick does. Installed a bootloader and now all my OSes show up. 4. There's a nagging error at every boot in OSX, it says something about "the disk you inserted cannot be read by this computer", and I have the options to Ignore, Initialise and Eject. What disk is that?!?! - - - I think it's a Linux partition, because this is the only one that the Disk Utility cannot mount. How can I make the system ignore that one at boot? Everything else worked OOTB, my video card is fine (I don't know if I have 3D acceleration, is there any way to check?), the network works fine, etc. So if someone can help me with (at least some of) the issues above, I would be very grateful. All things considered, Niresh worked for me in the end, as I'm sure these issues can be fixed, so you guys got my support and contribution. Thanks!
  5. Can't get to installer...

    Yes, that's one of the first things I tried, with or without GraphicsEnabler & other flags... What's frustrating is that I know the configuration works fine wiht osx (at least with ML), because I can boot in my ML installation without any flags. You may wonder why I don't just upgrade to Mavericks from the AppleStore. Well, I can't, because the partition is MBR, not GUID... so I have to do a clean installation (or upgrade, but not from within ML).
  6. Hi guys. I'm trying to install this distro on my PC, but I can't, for the love of God, get to the setup... Actually, I couldn't get there with ANY osx86 distro, although I already have ML installed on my PC (via a VMWare/physical hardware combination, you don't wanna know...). My MB is a Asus P5KPL-C/1600, with a C2D 2.4Ghz CPU and a nvidia 8600GT video card. I tried many boot flags, but I end up with various errors, depending on what flags I use. Sometimes I get stuck at "Pthread support ABORTS when sync kernel primitives misused", or "DSMOS has arrived", and the closest I got was when using just "GraphicsEnabler=No -v" - the boot stopped at "Apple..."something "SECONDARY" and a white square after this text. What can I do?