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  1. Still no luck trying to boot with Atom N280 chinabook...
  2. since i can't get a reply in my other post: i have an N280, and have tried many boot flags, and cannot get it to boot. It keeps giving me a Mach-0: Bad Magic Number error.
  3. edit your /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist
  4. Niresh? anyone? Was trying a number of other things, doesn't seem to work....
  5. Hi guys, I acquired the OSX-Maverics.dmg and followed the macbreaker guide to creating a boot disk. I've double checked that it was written correctly, and I compared to a UniBeast drive I have that I use for my desktop to make sure the USB key had the image restored correctly, but I cannot get my Atom N280 chinabook laptop to boot. I keep getting "Mach-0: file has bad magic number" I've tried the following boot options: atom -v atom -f atom -v -x atom -F atom cpus=1 atom -f arch=i386 atom arch=i386 and a host of others, and I just cannot get it to boost passed that screen. I've even removed the harddrive and tried to use only the USB key, but it fails to boot. the atom kernel IS on the USB drive. I've even copied the atom kernel to my UniBeast key that I use for my desktop, and have witnessed the same error without any luck of booting. The computer in question is an Atom N280 with 1.66ghz, 2GB RAM, 1366x768 resolution. As far as I know, this laptop doesn't support Intel VT-x or 64bit instructions. It's also a chinabook, so finding updated firmware for it has proved impossible. Any help would be useful.