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  1. Hp Dv6 Can't Install.

    I have an HP DV6 and I've tried installing ML in many ways, it won't work. I have Clover on a 2GB flash drive and ML on an 8GB one. When booting with cpus=1 -v I get stuck on "system uptime = _____ nanoseconds" The specs of my laptop are: - Core i5 430M - 320GB Hard Disk - ATI Radeon Mobility 5470 - Intel HD (Complete specs: Can you please tell me what to do? I really want this working.
  2. HP problem

    Hello. I have an HP DV6 3060SA with the following specs: Core i5 430M. Switchable graphics Intel HD and ATI Radeon 5470. It's a first gen laptop. HP claims that the Hard Disk is preset to AHCI although there's no option to check for it in Bio or change it. I've tried installing several times with many different boot flags but it always comes down to 'Waiting for Root Device'. If not that then it might show an error regarding bluetooth, something lie [ioBluetooth]. I'd really love to have this up and running so can anyone suggest me any possible method or a work around? I'd be grateful. Thank you.