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  1. Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA Installer

    Can i test on Vaio VPCEB1M1E? I have approximately the same configuration...
  2. [GUIDE] ATI 5650m full QE/CI on OSX Mavericks

    Ok can u provide me some links and info for that?? Thanks in advance
  3. [GUIDE] ATI 5650m full QE/CI on OSX Mavericks

    Thanks @Devonic i will test it! Another thing : i see in your signature that you have 10.9.2 marvericks have you succesfully install the update and setup clover to have full QE/CI? If yes how?
  4. [GUIDE] ATI 5650m full QE/CI on OSX Mavericks

    @Devonic can u know how to totaly disable sleep? for me when i close my laptop the pc goes to sleep! very annoying...
  5. [GUIDE] ATI 5650m full QE/CI on OSX Mavericks

    @Devonic big thanks Have you update to 10.9.2? for me after update i can't boot with clover but i can boot with chameleon.....
  6. ATI Mobility Readon HD 5650

    Hi everyone !!! I've the same graphic card on my Vaio VPCEB1M1E on Niresh 10.9.0 and when i try graphicenabler=yes i have this screen after apple bootlogo.... Can someone help me? Sorry for my bad english
  7. Hi everyon i'm new on the forum and i can't read the guide can someone provides me a link please? I have windows 8.1 and i want to install Marvericks alongside of windows 8.1 and dual boot Thanks in advance!