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  1. Also in safe mode using kext wizard I can't find that folder. In /system/library/extensions and installed NVDAStartup kext or something like that and using npci=0x2000 -v it booted to login screen! But it doesn't seem as if I can login to my user account but I can login to system admin account using root and Niresh password and username. Edit again- after doing that I logged out and could log into my user account I created in safe mode. It's glitchy though. Slow animations and stuff so should I use multibeast?
  2. im still getting the same results with both sets of boot flags. Should I reinstall Kexts in safe mode?
  3. When I tried booting with jus -v everything ran through and I didn't notice anything peculiar and it booted to a snowy screen that was basically like television snow. I restarted with npci=0x2000 -v and it booted to a grey screen with the mouse that I can move but nothing else. It doesn't spin even though Edit: on second look of booting with npci=0x2000 -v I saw one line before the grey screen that raised a hair. Warning: IOPlatformPluginUtil : getCPUInfo unknown cpu family : family 0x15. Model 0x2 --power management may be incomplete or unsupported This line appeared shortly but it went to the grey screen eventually.
  4. So I used the Niresh Yosemite DMG and TransMac to create a bootable OS X installer. It installed on my clean hard drive no problem. I then try to boot and I can only get a grey progress bar on a grey screen with the boot flag "npci=0x2000" and then the grey bar gets stuck half way. I then used that boot flag and the safe mode boot flag "-x" and I get into the root admin account and used the Niresh login credentials to login. The hackintosh zone ran through setup and optimization or whatever it does. It finished and I cleared network setups and restarted. I tried booting without safe mode and same thing happened. The grey loading bar and then it would stop and I would get the spinning rainbow wheel. I am wondering how I can boot into Yosemite without safe mode and how to use it normally. Here are my specs: AMD 8 core FX 8320 processor (installed with the /amd boot flag) Asus M5A97 R2.0 motherboard 8GB ram Nvidia GeForce 9800 graphics card Any help is greatly appreciated on how I can get Mac to work normally