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  1. Hello, Just curious, is there any word on an AMD kernel for the 10.10.3 update? I installed 10.10.1 Zone with /amd and cant seem to find a kernel yet other than: Which from the comments I am not too confident about it. I am running an AMD FX-4150 Also can someone provide me some background on how to properly update the kernel without breaking my hackintosh now that I have it working good so far (minus sleep, icloud, imessage) Thanks! P.S. I would also really like to extend my gratitude to @Niresh THANK YOU!!!
  2. I now have a problem with sleep! when I sleep my computer I cannot wake it up with my ps/2 keyboard but can with my USB mouse However USB no longer works after it wakes up
  3. UPDATE: I got graphics working perfectly! Solution to my problem: Installing Nvida Web Drivers Installing Nvidia Cuda Drivers and to enable dual screens installing NVEnabler.kext Booting with boot flag: nvda_drv=1 and everything works great! Audio is working better now that I adjusted VooDoo settings. Still working on getting iCloud working, cant log in to that or iMessage, Any ideas?
  4. Hello! I got Yosemite (10.10.1) installed! (But there are some issues...) I'll start off with some information about my current build: AMD! CPU: AMD FX-4150 (4.0GHz X4 - AM3 Socket) MOBO: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 (AMD 970 Chipset/NorthBridge) (AMD SB950 SouthBridge) MEMORY: 8GB (4GB x 2) 1600MHz GRAPHICS: Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 2GB Audio ALC887 LAN: Realtek RTL8168/8111 STORAGE: SATA 80GB Hard Drive/Secondary LINK: a html doc with my FULL system information't attack me for using a Microsoft product ) Some info about my install: I can get it to install 10.10.1 (ZONES) from USB with the boot flags: /amd busratio=200 (without it computer restarts before it gets to install) npci=0x300 (fixes PCI Config Begin) SO! Thanks for reading that! Lets talk about the problems [uPDATE! FIXED! See below] First and most importantly my graphics is TERRIBLE. From the install screen everything is extremely slow and laggy and hard to use because everything is a second or more behind my inputs. However I am able to get it to install without much issue (PS/2 keyboard doesn't work and I wish it would) Now after the installer reboots everything boots fine however when it gets done booting I get no signal on either of the DVI ports nor the HDMI. So after some research I find that in single user mode (-s) I can use the grafix backup: fsck -fy mount -uw / grafix backup all to remove the drivers and when it restarts I have signal! GREAT! However when I get to the login screen and beyond I have very VERY poor performance. Very slow and laggy graphics and animations, artifacts after moving things or opening menus and sometimes I am the missing menu bar (no maximize, minimize, exit visible just a grey bar however I am able to click it because I know where it is) (I will attach more pictures/maybe a video demoing this shortly) [uPDATE! FIXED! See below] LAN works great! Sound not so much (very low quality/volume almost like listening to AM Radio) PS/2 keyboard works if I unplug and replug So to fix the issues I have tried all combos of PCIRootUID=x GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No to no avil Installing the NVIDIA web drivers but after restart I get no signal again and have to "grafix backup all" again putting me back to the same problem I have done tons of research but cant find much on people with the same problem and what I have found I have tried to no avail. Please help me! any input at all would be so helpful!, this is the furthest I have EVER GOTTEN EVER! And I can see the potential and can't wait to get it working perfectly. Thank you so much for your time! FruitlessPotato