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  1. Can somebody help me, I have downloaded Niresh 10.8.5 dmg & created usb stick & booted through it. After selecting through the 10.8.5, immediately within 3 secs, it automatically boots itself & repeats the same. My configuration is i7 4770 Haswell intel DB85FL motherboard with built in Ethernet, Audio, graphic card ( HD 4600) it has got HDMI, DVI, VGA ( I use DVI) 4GB RAM wireless Keyboard & mouse. previously I used Niresh 10.8.2 & it worked well but without Audio. From here I tried to upgrade to 10.8.5 - it installed but failed to start after the apple logo & boots itself at the same point. I also downloaded mavericks & tried to install. It said 3 mins & after completion it booted & came back to 10.8.2. Can somebody help me with step by step, as I am completely newbie like I don't know how to use kext etc. Plz help me.....