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  1. Help: Install Yosemite in this PC

    Try also "amdfx -v npci=0x2000" or "/amdfx -v npci=0x2000"
  2. Help: Install Yosemite in this PC

    Try "/amdfx -V" and if it stops at " PCI configuration begin" try "/amdfx npci=0x2000 -V"
  3. Hi I installed Yosemite without any problems, but when i want to boot the system with 'amdfx npci=0x3000' bootflag. It say's that there's no amd kernel. And if use just 'npci=0x3000 -v' it hangs at Missing bluetooth controler transport and then apears grey screen with spining ball. My specs: CPU: AMD FX 6350 GPU: Sapphire HD7950 OC Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3