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  1. USB installer not booting

    Hello again! I'm making another topic about my problem, because no one helped me... I burned the Niresh Mavericks .dmg file on my pendrive using Transmac, and tried to boot my laptop with it, i chose my pendrive as the boot device in my BIOS, and, instead of booting into Chameleon, it boots into Windows. Niresh 10.8.5 worked well, but 10.9 not. I tried to boot it using Clover, but it showed me prohibitory sign right after the Apple logo. I heard something about burning iBoot to DVD, and booting with it, but afaik iBoot is OS X 10.6 only, and i don't want to waste DVD's. I tried burning the iBoot iso to the second pendrive, and it didn't work. Please help me, i really want to have OS X 10.9 on my laptop... Specs: Laptop Lenovo B570e Intel Pentium B960 2.2GhZ Dual Core 4GB of RAM Intel HD Graphics 2000 :-( Mobo is Lenovo Emerald Lake idkwhatmodel :-) That's all i know.
  2. @Devonic Thank you, i will try, and see if it works. EDIT: Aaand... It does not work. I burned it using TransMac, and instead of booting the installer, it boots me to Windows. Everytime i boot, i can press F12 to choose boot device, and i chose my pendrive, and it didn't work. I think i must install 10.8.5 ... And using Clover gives me the same result, as in the first post. I really don't know what to do... EDIT2: No one is going to help me? Windows 8.1 is good too, i give up! Thread can be closed now
  3. Hello everyone, i'm new to Hackintosh, and Macs at all, so please be nice to me, and sorry for my bad English, i'm from Poland. I tried to install Niresh OS X Mavericks 10.9 and, first of all, i was unable to boot from the USB I made(using Win32DiskImager), so i burned Clover bootloader(i'm not really sure why i chose it ), and tried to boot the USB from Clover, and then the Apple logo showed for a second, and then the prohibitiory sign(or whatever it is called), it looked like that: When i ran it in verbose mode (-v bootflag), it stopped at "Unable to load drivers". My specs: Laptop Lenovo B570e CPU:Intel Pentium B960(Dual-Core 2.20GhZ) Graphics card:Intel HD Graphics 2000(I think the graphics card may cause the problem) 4 GB of RAM. P.S.: I successfully installled Niresh OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5, but Graphics(low resolution,and no acceleration), Sound and Wi-Fi were not working. And also i created Unibeast installer of the OS X Mavericks, but the keyboard was not working.