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  1. @Deepak so there is no chance that ralink pci rt3090 will work in my mac mountain lion 10.8.2 ? there is no solution ???!!
  2. @Deepak it's not working for me i have put the kext in kext utility and copy wireless utility in application after that i restart .. and nothing happened there is no wifi
  3. how can i install this kext ? with kesxt utility only ? or something else ?
  4. Hi everyone ! please i have a problem in mac os mountain lion 10.8.2 .. i've found a kext to ralink rt3090 wireless card only for 32 bits .. but mountain lion is 100% 64-Bits .. so i can't install it ... i have tried to boot in 32 bits but nothing happened and i've contact the company of ralink and i have no reply .. is there any solution pleaaaase ? i really want to enjoy mac 10.8.2 full .... pleaase help me