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  1. Bluetooth adapter

    @Enter121 Thank you But it doesn't solve my problem
  2. Bluetooth adapter

    Hello, Will this bluetooth adapter works with Niresh and make possible to use yosemite functions as coniunity, handoff, airplay, airdrop etc. ? http://eud.dx.com/product/mini-bluetooth-v4-0-edr-usb-dongle-w-bluesoleil-ivt9-0-10-0-white-844207133#.VGJNU4dMPVo In description there is information about that this adapter should support OS X but i want to be sure
  3. iMessage please help

    It is really strange problem. When I installed Niresh on VirtualBox iMessage was working fine but when now I have normal Niresh on my PC iMessage not working :C. I don't believe that problem is with serials and also I had activated my iMessage on iPhone. Have someone solved that problem?

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