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  1. I've end it to format all my hdd at it works.this is a big lesson for me. Thanks very much for trying to help me...out there are a few people like you!
  2. This is a link with a pic taken with my phone. 03 is where mac is installed
  3. I only have wifi internet available...and the mac's wifi doesn't work, now i write from my phone, the disck utility it sees all hdd , but only the partition with mac is active, the other one it says windows format
  4. When i boot in mac it sees all my hdd in disk utility,but why doesn't windows sees it?
  5. I have installed over windows partition..but i have an other partition , and now when i want to install windows no partition is seen
  6. I missed to tell that i haved windows installed,and i installed niresh on that partition with windows...and i have an other partition ntfs with all my files, but doesn't apear in instalation step
  7. I'm a little bit of i just use disk utility from mavericks to make a partition an format,and after will work?
  8. I have chameleon instaled..but know i just want windows to install and when i have to choose where to install doesn' show any partitions
  9. i have installed niresh on my lenovoz570a andnow i can't install windows becouse it doesn'tshow anydrives where to install plz someonehelp!!!