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  1. Yoesmite - stuck on white screen with cursor

    Hi. I successfully installed yoesmite on my pc and after it says installation complete it restarts my pc. At first i cant boot because it gives me some memory allocation error But i successfully booted with these flags -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No AtiConfig=Pitcairn AtiPorts=4 npci=0x3000 And now im suppose to be seeing a set up my mac screen but instead im seeing this. I cant attatched an image Because im on my s4 and the picture size is too big I have a amd fx 8530 ati hd7770 gpu 500gb hard drive 8gb ram Update: now its at a black screen with same cursor.. grr ;( Update 2: Omg now it finally worked when i added the flag -x.. but guess what?! Im at the login screen with one user and i dont know the username and pw! Omfg.... and its lagging terribly. Wosneujdnxkdlqowi37r763uwn somwone help plssss and now the stupid installation wont start.... ffsssss Pls help! Thank you <3