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  1. Hi there,please move this tread if i maked it in wrong direction. As first sorry for my weak english. I decided to make a Hackintosh from my PC. Here's the configuration: Intel Pentium G3258 4GB Corsair Vengeance Asrock H81 Pro BTC Integrated graphic card And i have two question. 1. The system is working really bad. Long boot time, a lot of lags and graphics glitches, sometimes OS is crashing and rebooting PC. I know the G3258 graphic is not supported, but what if i buy second graphic card? Nvidia GT210 or something like that? Should it work great? Or will it still lag? 2. How can i make Ethernet works? There's no realtek model in motherboard specification, only "Realtek Gigabit lan". I tried some RTL8111 Drivers, but it's not work. Still no Ethernet in connection settings. Is it PC config worth a candle?